The Waiting Game

I got a job offer this week. It’s a temporary job, but not through a job agency. The company contacted me on their own. I’m still waiting for them to finalize the paperwork and send me an offer letter. All of this makes me very nervous. Just the job description is extensive and it’s been so long since I worked. But it’s temporary which means I’m not committing to anything.

But I’m still waiting… And waiting. It’s 1:49. I’m hoping to hear something soon or I won’t hear anything until Monday. I don’t even know when I’ll start. It would be kind of sucky to start around my birthday, but if that’s what I have to do…

3:48: I just got the email and it looks like details have been put off until a meeting on 2/11. I guess that’s a sign I might not be working on my birthday, yet I was kind of hoping to go to work soon.

I guess that’s the way it is in the employment game. It’s a waiting game! Hey, that’s the title of this blog entry. Wow. That’s quite a coincidence!

Stay tuned because I do have another moscato to try his weekend!


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