Ask Scooter

Ask Scooter

Today I was watching Sanford and Son when Scooter came up to me and asked to have a bigger role in my blog. I said sure. What did he have in mind?

He told me people were always emailing him asking him for advice on various topics and he needed a forum to answer them in. I said that would be fine. Then I wouldn’t have to create a blog from doing nothing all day except watch 70’s sitcoms.

Dear Scooter:

Are you a good boy?

Mittens in Missouri.

Dear Mittens,

Yes, I’m a good boy! A very good boy!


Umm… Seriously? That was it? Wow. Ok.I guess I do need to fill in some space. If you have a question for Scooter, please leave it in the comments. He will answer your questions if he knows the answers. If it doesn’t involve peeing on something, I can’t promise you anything.

In other news that doesn’t involve the crazy, I didn’t do much today. I applied for a job and caught up with a few other people I hadn’t talked to in awhile. I texted Katie like I always do everyday and then went to the reno house just to get out before I came up with crazy ideas like having my dog do an advice column. Err…

I really need a job. I might have to take Scooter’s advice and start peeing on some office buildings. Hey, it could work!


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