I wrote a whole post and then lost it. Dang it! Since it was a kind of “feel sorry for myself” post, it’s probably a good thing. Since I don’t feel like typing up another one, I’ll just add pictures instead. Here is the bathroom pretty much finished:

Here is the fireplace hearth that Scooter avoids. Yes, most of the floors are dirt so if we wanted we could grow a garden in our house. Don’t think I’m not tempted! Would you like a tomato? Hold on, let me walk into the living room and pick you one!


Since the bathroom was the only room finished, Scooter and I would hang out in there for awhile.

Hanging in the bathroom

Here’s just a cute picture of Scooter:

Scooter looking

Yes, I wore my normal work flip-flops. Because that’s how I roll! And if you thought I was a wuss working with my son, you’ve never seen a bigger whiner than when I did it by myself! Lugging trash…grunting… Scooter chasing me, peeing on every surface. Good times.

Speaking of Good Times, I watched that show and they really didn’t have good times. I saw the father with a gun pointed at him and JJ was still doing his “dyno-mite” line. Weird. You never saw Urkel do that. They just don’t make sitcoms like they used to…

Until tomorrow!


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