Happy 4th of July!

Today was mostly spent buying stuff for the reno house. Then we had went to a cook-out at my mother-in-law’s and then we went home. I had bought the $5 t-shirts for me and my husband so I went around telling everyone we were twins. Mine was red and his was black, but it was still fun to mess with him. We were the wonder twins, with the power to annoy each other all day long!

Anyway, I’m tired and there’s not much to write about today. So I’m going to try adding pictures today.

Scooter at the reno house looking out one of the screen doors:

Scooter Screen

This is Smoke working in the bathroom. This bathroom was so nasty when he started. And it opened up on both sides. He’s done an amazing job renovating it! That’s the shower curtain I picked out. He thinks he’ll have the bathroom finished tomorrow.
Shower Curtain

Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope you had an amazing day!


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